Keep Your Business Open This Winter

Icemelt can offer technical advice and provide optimum products to suit specific company needs.

Icemelt already advises hospitals, colleges, airports, shopping centres, schools, sports centres to keep their facilities open and safe during adverse weather conditions.

Which product is most suitable for my needs?

For general use, de-icing salt provides an economical solution. Our salt complies with BS3247:2011 for salt spreading for winter

For areas such as working farmyards, and with lower temperatures, eco coated salt is suggested. It lasts longer, so less frequent applications are required, and is less corrosive than straight salt..

However for concrete, excessive use of salt can cause deterioration. This is particularly evident on new concrete that is not yet seasoned.

In this case surefoot triple, which contains CMA, NAAC and salt is recommended.
This produces less residue, so is also used at entrances to shops and hotels to minimise damage to carpets.

For reinforced concrete such as bridges, CMA granules or liquid ice melt are often specified by design engineers as they require the performance of a granular de-icer without risk of negative environmental impact or infrastructure damage generally associated with chlorides and urea.
Surefoot granules can be used on artificial pitches to prevent freezing and make snow cover easier to remove, thus keeping these facilities open when they’re needed most.